Leaders want New Perspectives and need
more accurately predicted results.

Hello — Better is a leading strategy consultancy, delivering a broad range of services to diversified clients and individuals.
Founded in 2017, with headquarters in New York City. We practice behavior science in everything we do, and understand that business, brand, design and behavior are interconnected. Our New + Better strategy model gives us the strength to accurately define and predict results. 
Our ambition is place scientific evidence at the core of business strategy and evaluation. We start at the human level to design more accurate + predictable results. 

C — level team​​​​​​​
Serial entrepreneurs with a proven record of uncommon growth. We are strategists and ambitious investors. 
Robin Smith — Partner

Business and result strategy. 
Robin is passionate about creating winning growth strategies and executing with accuracy. Combining creativity with analytics and science, she is quick to draw insights from data to propose high-impact, innovative solutions that bring incremental revenues and profits. 
She has developed and implemented growth-driving marketing strategies, launched new brands, overhauled how brands present themselves online & offline, and made new products a reality. From roles leading customer success, sales and marketing. Robin has the practical experience to define and swiftly implement revenue engine and scaling programs to get growth results for companies, without the drama. In business and in life, I'm all in. She is an adventurer and a lousy golfer.
Previously:  Fortune 500 B2B + B2C company experience: American Express, Deloitte Consulting, IBM, Intel, McKinsey Consulting, Ogilvy Consulting. 
Startups: My Fortune LLC.
Stephen Wendel — Advisor
Behavioral strategy. Dr. Wendel is an applied behavioral scientist who helps organizations effectively use behavioral science to the benefit of their customers.
He previously founded and led the teams at Morningstar and HelloWallet, developing and field-testing hundreds of interventions. Stephen has founded the non-profit organization Bescy (ex: Action Design Network), educating the public across three continents on how to apply behavioral insights. He has authored three books on applied behavioral science, Designing for Behavior Change, Improving Employee Benefits, and Spiritual Design. He has two wonderful kids and a wife, who don’t care about behavioral science at all.
Stephen is currently Vice President at the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics.
Previously: Morningstar 
 HelloWallet / CEA / Bescy / BehavioralTeams​​​​​​​

Afrin Khan — Partner
Monetization strategy. Afrin is an executive leader providing business development insights for revenue targets and profitability. With extensive experience in B2C sales, marketing strategy, launch execution, lead generation, community and client engagement, she is an accomplished leader in the field.
Afrin conducts seminars on leadership, sales, and marketing for business owners and entrepreneurs. Her work has led to national recognition for her startup "Red Elephant" clients, who have been featured on Forbes, NPR, and TED stages.
Her trailblazing efforts have sparked the creation of a vibrant community, where women leaders and entrepreneurs not only exchange groundbreaking ideas but also ignite a movement, shaping the future of women-led entrepreneurship. She fosters a dynamic network where both emerging and established entrepreneurs connect, share insights, and grow together, ensuring they remain engaged and active year after year.

Previously:  MetLife /  Virgin (Worked with Richard Branson directly) / Deepak Chopra / Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize winner)
Startups: Red Elephant / Herd Venture / The Rebel Women Movement
Van Rais — Partner
Behavioral Branding and Design. Van addresses complex business ambitions through brand architecture, customer experience, behavioral insights and activation design. Van uses behavioral science to predict results, and to identify the overlooked and misunderstood. He uses them as resources to improve and transform businesses.  
Van translates complex business issues into commercial and product opportunities that are useful, usable and desirable. He drives results by creating delightful emotional visual stories, design quality and beauty. Van is an investor and serial entrepreneur. 

By background, Van is an industrial, brand and behavioral designer. He is actively involved with the applied behavioral science community, in an ongoing opportunity to shape the future and purpose of design in society. 

Van is German/Croatian, Canadian/American. His love for art and pop culture makes him feel alive, living in NYC. He is the recipient of the ReBrand Award, The Good Design Award, ANA Award, Communication Arts, and the Art Directors Club, among others.

Previously at Fortune 500: Interbrand / Mercer Consulting  / McCann Consulting / R/GA / AKQA
Startups: SmithRais NYC / c_Suite Technology / FFF Network

Our collective ambition
is to work with the business community to drive inclusion and systematic changes that make the world better.
— We aspire to work with kids, women and elderly community, healthcare and mental health — We are part of technology startup communities and we partner with ventures capital groups — We are committed to be certified as B Corp in the next 18 months — As collective we believe that future of design and behavioral science is to work together.

At Hello — Better our Strategy is to help you pursue your New Ambition. You can learn more About us and our New projects, or try one of our Webinars. Or, let's get down to business and buy from us.

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