Creating a distinct narrative for Microsoft business units. Each of 4 units is to have a unique value proposition following the core Microsoft master brand identity. 
Thoughtful and flexible visual design systems optimized to fit into the larger Microsoft family of brands. Each unit is designed as responsive design systems with visual system guidelines, and event promotional campaigns.

MS Connected community
​​​​​​​Visual empowerment and inclusivity, promoting a community where every leader unit contributes to a greater whole. Solidarity through a visual of interlocking symbols of collective transformative bond. All for one, and one for all.
Visual narrative inspired by refraction, the transformation of splitting of light. Symbolizing diversity of multifaceted perspectives. Microsoft Ai empowering developers to build intelligent applications and solutions across different industries. An ultimate capacity of tracing problems from multiple angles, leading to a richer and more holistic understanding of complex problems.

MS Black history month
Celebrating events with bold statements of NOW. Pattern, shapes and colors designed for poster size quality. Responsive and modular letterforms promoting inclusivity and equality. Empowering change that is now. Showing representation will be our history now. 

MS Research
Deep scientific frame of focus it aims to explore new ideas, solve complex problems, and contribute to the evolution of technology. Microsoft Research serves the purpose of advancing the field of computer science and technology through innovative research and development. Concentrated search to find.